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long time not me [Monday:
Sep 19, 05 @ 05:46 A
[ mood | blank ]

been forever sinc ei wrote in here...
gonna try to start again,
but i always say that.

life is confusing!!!!
college is hard!!!!
i wrote a poem!!!!

Deep blue eyes,
rimmed in black...
Smudged and smeared,
merely adding to the tragic heroin addict apperance of the boy.
He's always begging,
pleading for your hate,
reaching out like the starving children of third world shit!
Give it to him!
He wants it,
It's what he lives for...
Tear off his face,
and make him nameless
dismantle him,
and leave him a torso.
Something to fuck,
to fool...
And then to break.
Just do it!!!!
He fucking loves it!
The boy would have it no other way.

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almost there [Saturday:
Sep 03, 05 @ 06:19 A
[ mood | anxious ]

i am on the way...
sitting on my laptop in the car,
like the little geek thata i am!

i am almost fucking there!
only 2 hours to go!!!!

the excitement has finaly kicked in...
or perhaps it is merely caused by the strange assortment of drugs flowing through my veins.
i believe it would be a lot like a bloddy mary to drink...

could it be any more exciting,
i am only the second one in my family to go to a unversity...
that makes this special i guess.
something substantial for my family...
and me.

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almost time!!!!! [Friday:
Sep 02, 05 @ 10:09 P
[ mood | excited ]

mere hours before i get into a car and head down to ypsi...
i am not as scared as i have been about it,
there is something relaxing in knowing that it's so close.

Though i really do not want to do the fusion shit,
i am going to skip as much of it as i possibly can!

I still don't know what books i need for class though,
but i was told i can wait till the first day of class...
and they will tell me.
So here is hoping that tat plan works.

i am out!

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busy busy busy [Thursday:
Sep 01, 05 @ 09:45 P
[ mood | blah ]

i hade a completely eventful day...
though i feel as if there is nothing done.
None of this wrok seems like it is getting me anywhere.
i guess that it will not seem real until i am there.

only two days to go at least,
so not much longer to see the fruit of the labor.

as for the details of the day,
i have never filled out so much paper work.
it is the bane of my existance!!!!

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no attention span... [Wednesday:
Aug 31, 05 @ 10:59 P
[ mood | awake ]

been a while since i wrote anything in this piece...
just have not really wanted to sit down and pour out my heart to it,
or maybe i have just been busy.
who knows any more,
it becoming hard for me to tell the differnce between the two.

i have been pending a lot of time with my lovely danny,
and with my mother...
and trying to get my ass ready for the cocllege that is sneaking up ever so quickly..
life is just a big blur with time for:
and good times...
thrown in between as fate so allows.

i am going to try to get my ass back and gear and write in this as often as time allows.
so wish me luck,
casue you all know how long my attention span is..

i'm gone!

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the blah is better. [Friday:
Aug 19, 05 @ 02:35 P
[ mood | awake ]

yesterday was kind of a blur to me...
i just kind of layed around and slept.
the world was just a little to much for me to face...
i feel better now though,
less like a lyric in some EMO song.

i was informed that today was friday,
which was a total shocker for me...
time is just moving so fast.
college is just riding my ass!!!!!
i don't know if i am ready...
i guess time will tell though,
i just wish it woiuld slow down a little.

I'm Gone!

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some better [Wednesday:
Aug 17, 05 @ 06:02 P
[ mood | calm ]

i feel a little better...
the mood swing has passed.
i am much to young for this,
or maybe it is just part of being young.

and as my lovely Matt kid just said,
so i don't need to fret about being a fat ass!

I'm gone!

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emotional pain caused from the physical. [Wednesday:
Aug 17, 05 @ 02:37 P
[ mood | depressed ]

i suddenly feel like shit...
not physicaly,
even though that is what seems to cause the pain.

i just don't feel up to the standards society puts on me.
i feel like i should lock myself up in a bell tower...
and just fade away.

it's funny how my moods change so fast...



i'm gone!

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happiness and a stupor [Wednesday:
Aug 17, 05 @ 01:16 P
[ mood | lethargic ]

i just got up...
i feel like i am in a stupor.
but i guess that it should be expected as i slowly become sober.
the drugs leaving my body and all...
it tends to leave me in a bit of blur.

take the good with the bad,
not eveyrhting can be good all of the time...
and vise versa.

on the better side of how i am feeling,
i talked to danny last night,
and he made the un-official date into a official date.
and official date that went well on both ends,
not just mine!

-does the happy dance-

i'm fone!

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the dart lady and another night at the rents. [Tuesday:
Aug 16, 05 @ 06:35 P
[ mood | blah ]

got back from getting my shot...
so not a fan of the nurse lady playing darts with muh arms!

I came back to my house to fill out some paperwork...
which has now lead to me staying the night here,
i don't think i am to happy about that.
oh well i guess,
could be worse...
at least i will get wicked stoned.
and that my friends,
is a awesome plus...

that's right,
and actual awe inspiring experience!


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a little busy...just a little. [Tuesday:
Aug 16, 05 @ 01:35 P
[ mood | happy ]

It has been a day por os since i updated this piece-o-shit...
but i have lots of sotires to tell!
yay for stories,
or something like that.

on sunday i went on this un-official date thing.
that was a blast.
i really enjoyed spending time with danny,
even though i seriously blow at mini-golf.
i hope that we get to spend some more time together before i head off to college.

though i guess that the night left me a bit confused...
i wasn't really sure what went on,
or why it went on.

on many levels it felt like a date,
but then again...
it had this overbearing feeling that if it was a date,
we did not hit it off.
then again,
i am not even sure if it was a date...
no one actualy ever called it date...

yesterday i stayed at Eric's house,
which is fun...
the boy is such a FAG.
makes me look tame.
But we love him any way!

and i left a pair of pants and a shirt at his house...
i completely forgot to grab them when i changed this morning.
and i was in a bit of a hurry!
oh well i guess,
i am bound to get them back.

now i need to go do something with my gross-ness,
so i can go get my second hepititis shot...
and then another one in 5 months.
oh joy!!!!

perhaps i did not have as much to say as i thought i did!!!

i'm gone!

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hoping around! [Saturday:
Aug 13, 05 @ 11:40 P
[ mood | high ]

Steven took me to my parents house...
not randomly or anything,
i of course aske dhim to take me here.
it had been a while since i saw my mother,
so i thought that it was high time that i see her.

i decided to stay the night here...
didn't want to go back home yet.
i think that i might like bouncing around from hosue to house.
which is funny,
cause i used to hate it.
now i just love the change of scenery.

i'm gone

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all better? [Saturday:
Aug 13, 05 @ 05:04 P
[ mood | happy ]

it turns out steven really was mad at me...
but when i woke up this morning,
i think that he was over it.

i am still not really sure why he was all cranky with the me...
but i think that it had something to do with tony and myself.
i think that he thought that we fucked and niethe rof us would tell him.

oh weell though,
everything seems to be better.
and better is always BETTER!

i'm gone!

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the skeleton key and extended periods of time with me [Friday:
Aug 12, 05 @ 11:56 P
[ mood | crushed ]

just got back from opening night of The Skeleton Key.
the movie gets a big boo for the most part...
but i could not help but want to see it.
Had a pretty good twist at the end to say th least about it though.

on a differnt note,
i think that i may have pissed steven off...
or something.
because when we got back from the movie;
he hoped online,
and got around to go to bed.
and now he resides in bed...
i really hope i did not piss him off.
and if i did piss him off,
i hope that he gets over it.

i guess maybe i am right,
extended periods of time with me = hating me.

let us hope i am wrong.

i really hope he is just tired....

i'm gone!

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met tony [Friday:
Aug 12, 05 @ 06:37 P
[ mood | chipper ]

met tony face to face...
he is fun.
all sorts of crazy,
but just the right amount of it.
i bet he is a fawkin' blast to hang out with in a club.

something that was beyond cool about hanging with him though,
was that we didn't do anything...
we just sat and talked,
no sexual tension...
no sex...
no making out...
we just talked!
i absolutelly adored it.

there might have been a little sexual tension building,
but that's just cause i am slutty and like to get laid!

i think that steven thought that me and tony fucked...
which is not a bad idea,
but it did not happen this time.

i'm gone!

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the face book [Friday:
Aug 12, 05 @ 10:56 A
[ mood | awake ]

joined this thing called The Face Book this morning...
1:00 am,
but that is still morning.

the site amuses me,
it is something for college students to connect.
just another networking site i belong to now.
here is hoping i actualy use this one...
probaly not!

if you are on the face book...
feel free to add me!!!!
quick search for: jonathon robinson

when i finaly went to sleep though...
i slept pretty damn well.

i'm gone!

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watched May and got tied up. [Thursday:
Aug 11, 05 @ 11:47 P
[ mood | indifferent ]

watched a movie called May...
it was fucked up!
i guess todaay has been the day of fucked up movies.
not that i am complaining,
it just kind of makes you think...

also just got done having tied up sex for the first time.
i feel a little indiffernt about it...
i mean,
of course i enjoyed it...
but it left me with this feeling of wanting more.

I'm gone!

p.s. and just so i sound less like a whore...the last three times have bene with the same person.

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The Devils Rejects...was good [Thursday:
Aug 11, 05 @ 04:37 P
[ mood | amused ]

Just got back from watching The Devils Rejects...
it was pretty good.
Well worth the however long it was.

we were the only people in the theater...
and that my friends is fawkin' rawkin'!!!

way too many titties for it's own good though...
but that is to expected from Rob Zombie!
i'm gone!

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once more with feeling [Thursday:
Aug 11, 05 @ 12:25 P
[ mood | orgasmic ]

once more with feeling!!!!
i got laid!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-does the happy i just got laid dance-
and to top that off i downloaded the buffy musical soundtrack.


i'm gone!

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My Astrological Planet... [Thursday:
Aug 11, 05 @ 10:25 A
[ mood | okay ]

Not a word....
shut up!
i know, i yell at every one else for posting these things!


"You have a great enthusiasm and passion for
all that life has to offer. This is coupled
with a great amount of strength. You know
exactly what you want and are not afraid to go
after it. You love a good challenge and you
have a great deal of stubborness, which helps
you achieve your goals. Your enduring
determination is a great match for your
inventive mind. Your only drawback may be your
difficulty in letting others know how you

. : : Which Astrological Planet are You? : : . [10 Gorgeous Pics!]
brought to you by Quizilla

Your Ideal Relationship is Friends with Benefits

You're not looking for anything serious... just something hot!
And you're little black book (or cell phone) always hooks you up.
You want nothing more than friends with benefits. No strings.
You also don't mind benefits without the friendship!

seriously done now!

i'm gone!
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